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7000 Series Aluminum Plate

Our range of 7000 series aluminium is alloyed with zinc and can be precipitation hardened to provide the highest strength of all commercially available aluminium's. Our product range finds use in industries such as aerospace and motorsport. Click on an im

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Product Description

7075 T6 aluminum plate sheet can eliminate internal stress and cut without deformation. It is suitable for shoe mold, high-strength mold, high-strength parts and other fields.

7050 T7451 aluminum plate has high strength and strong corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for mold processing, mechanical equipment, tooling and fixtures, especially for high stress structures.

7005 aluminum plate is super hard aluminum with good welding performance and can be strengthened by heat treatment. It is a typical lightweight aluminum material. It is often applied to welded structures with high strength and high fracture toughness, such as vehicle trusses, bars and containers, large heat exchanger, etc.

7475 aluminum plates are used for aluminum clad and non aluminum clad plates, wing frames, purlins and other parts with high strength and fracture toughness.


Under the premise of strict management by Nadcap certified factories, high-quality products are produced in strict accordance with AS9100 standards.

Materials are dissolved in large quenching furnaces, which increases their high-strength fatigue properties during heat treatment and baking, thus producing high-strength heat treatment materials.

Large tensile machine to ensure full release of stress in aircraft aluminum plate.

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