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For the first time, the European Union listed nickel and copper as a strategic material

According to foreign media reports, the European Union first listed nickel and copper as strategic materials. The European metal industry expressed support and applied for a faster license and funds. The EU's "CRMA" (CRMA) lists two major industrial metals, nickel and copper in the list of niche minerals including cobalt, lithium and rare earth.

Mining and metal companies, including Boliden, Sweden, welcomes plans to provide a simplified license and financing channels for strategic projects in CRMA in CRMA. Copper is used for the wiring of renewable energy systems and electric vehicles, and nickel is the main component of many electric vehicle batteries. However, industry groups and companies said that in order to ensure the supply of materials required for green transformation, the form should also include other industrial metals such as aluminum, and it also needs to solve fair competition with China. VDM German metal traders and recychers associations are one of the organizations that promote the incorporation of aluminum and zinc into them. The group stated in a statement: "These areas in the metal industry also need to be quickly approved procedures. The most important thing is that it also needs competitive energy prices."

Aurubis, the largest refined copper producer in Europe, said that the EU has produced about 15%of copper demand, which is much higher than the overall goal of 10%of the European Union for strategic minerals, but the situation may worsen. In an interview with Reuters, Roland Harlem said: "Each mine will be exhausted, so it is time to take action now to ensure that the new mining projects that take years to develop will be approved in a timely manner."

Harlem also said that the EU must ensure fair competition with China and other countries, so that the metal recycling industry can flourish. Aurubis will be recycled as a huge area of growth. The new factory is under construction, and it is intended to shift to the recycling of electric vehicle batteries in the long run.

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