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310S stainless steel seamless pipe spot in spot rhythm is still slower than the futures market

From the current point of view, the spot rhythm of the seamless tube of the 310S stainless steel is still slower than the futures market, which reflects the characteristics of the large fluctuation of futures disk; on the other hand, it reflects that the spot is still tough, at least the phenomenon of the bottom -up and replenishment from the low position comes from the low position. It is said that there is still optimistic existence on the market. With the increasing hedging risk tools, the continuous emergence of new models such as current settings, basis trading, and rights of rights, and some merchants in some areas have flexibly used derivatives tools to hedge risk. At present, the situation of the seamless tube market in 310s is the slow rhythm of steel trade and steel mills. Some steel mills still have no price reductions. Steel manufacturers that reduce prices are not much different from the spot range.

The rhythm of this market has led to a weakened demand, and the volume of seams of seams of stainless steel in 310s has decreased from this week. From the beginning of the long -headed running roads, the transaction turned sharply, the transaction turned sharply, and the current resource was dumped, and then at a low level to wait and see, tentative prices and receiving goods, the market continued to verify the logic of demand. After the end of the end of today, most steel trade is still cautious. A few 310S stainless steel seamless pipe markets have begun to have harvesting, reflecting the existence of the 310S stainless steel seamless pipe market. The continuous rainstorms of the short -term East China and South China also have a certain adverse effect on demand, but the seasonal point of view is the beginning of the real demand in April in April. At present, it cannot be determined that the demand is not good due to the decline in transaction volume.

At the macro level, the risks of overseas banks will pay attention to the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate hike resolution tomorrow morning. If you raise interest rates appropriately, we believe that it is good for the market, because this means that bank risks are controllable and capable. If it is not added, it shows that bank risks still have large hidden dangers. Opening the history of a sharp interest rate hike in the United States over the years, there are major problems in more than a hundred banks. It is still unknown whether it can control the risk to minimize this time.

At the industrial level, the decline in iron ore has accelerated, and the profit of steel mills is expected to increase. In the past two weeks, the development of Australia and Pakistan has continued to decline slightly. In this issue of Brazil's shipping, the number of shipments has been reduced, and the policy control and production are still negative.

310S stainless steel seamless pipe price prediction

From the current point of view, the seamless tube market of 310S stainless steel is still unstable. Overseas macro risks have continued to disturb market emotions. Demand demand is performed under the current weak performance of rainwater and price recovery, resulting in a decline in data data. However, overall, there are still no major problems in the industrial and domestic macro surfaces. From the start of the market in November last year, the disk was disturbed in the epidemic, and proper callback was normal. Under the circumstances of the peripheral stock market, crude oil, and emotional shortage, the market has a rebound and repairing market. It is normal, and it still needs to observe continuity. In terms of rhythm, it may not be large to continue to adjust the space.

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