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2507 The chemical composition and performance characteristics of SS PIPE

2507 seamless tube of stainless steel is a kind of ferrite-austenite (double-phase) stainless steel chemical composition (25Cr-7NI-4MO-0.27N) 2507 Stainless Steel, which has excellent anti-point corrosion, gap corrosion and uniform corrosion ability. 2507 seamless tube of stainless steel is a kind of ferrite-austenite (double-phase) stainless steel. It integrates the most beneficial performance of many ferrite steel and Aoli steel. Because the content of the steel chromium and molybdenum is high Therefore, it has excellent ability to resist point corrosion, gap corrosion and uniform corrosion. Double -phase micro -tissue guarantees that the steel has a high ability to corrode the rupture of antiproidery corrosion, and the mechanical strength is also very high.

The main purpose of 2507 stainless steel seamless pipes: 2507 stainless steel is used in oil and natural gas industries; sea stones broken sky oil platform (thermal exchange device tube, water treatment and water supply system, fire protection system, water spraying system, water stabilization system; petrochemical equipment; petrochemical equipment; The dehydration (dilute) equipment (high pressure pipe, seawater pipe) in the equipment; both high strength and highly corrosive mechanical and structural components; fuel (waste) gas purification equipment.

2507 stainless steel seamless tube Main composition: 25Cr-7NI-4MO-0.27n

2507 stainless steel seamless pipes Each country standard comparison:

ASTM/Asme: A240 -UNS S32750

Euronorm: 1.4410 -X2 CR NI MON 25.7.4

AFNOR: Z3 CN 25.06 AZ

DIN/EN: 1.4410, Asme Sa-240

GB: 25Cr-7NI-4MO-0.27n

Corrosion ability

1. General corrosion:

The higher chromium and molybdenum content of SAF 2507 makes it have strong anti -overall corrosion ability to organic acids such as methacology and acetic acid. SAF2507 combined alloys on inorganic acid, especially those inorganic acids containing chloride also have strong corrosion resistance.

Compared with 904L, SAF2507 has a stronger corrosion resistance to diluted sulfuric acid mixed with chloro -rooted ions. 904L is the alloy of the Antinosyrular state, which is dedicated to anti -pure sulfuric acid corrosion.

The 316L level cannot be used in the hydrochloric acid environment, and it may be corroded or overall. SAF2507 can be used in diluted hydrochloric acid environments, with strong anti -spots and cracks corrosion.

2. Crystal corrosion:

The lower carbon content of NSAF 2507 greatly reduces the risk of carbonizer precipitation in the crystal of the heat treatment during heat treatment. Therefore, this alloy has a strong ability to resist the corrosion -related crystal corrosion related to carbides.

3. Stress corrosion and cracking:

The duplex structure of the SAF 2507 makes it have a strong ability to corrode and crack. Due to its high alloy content, the corrosion resistance and strength of SAF 2507 are better than 2205.

Cracks are almost inevitable in terms of architecture, which makes stainless steel more easily corroded in the chloride environment. SAF 2507 has a strong ability to corrode the corrosion of cracks. 0.1 mm/year; equivalent curve in hydrochloric acid 0.1 mm/year.

Mechanical characteristics: SAF 2507 has high pressure resistance, impact strength and lower thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity. These characteristics are applicable to many structural parts and mechanical parts .sAF 2507 is high In the temperature environment higher than 570 ° F, this may weaken its toughness. The tensile strength: σb ≥ 730MPa; extension rate: Δ≥20%

Supporting welding material: ER2594 welding wire, E2594 stripe

Application areas: pulp and papermaking industry, seawater diluted, flue gas purification, heat exchangers, chemical liquid cargo ship pipeline system, seawater system, etc.

2507 Stainless Steel Main Specifications:

2507 Stainless Steel Board Spot Specification: 0.3mm-350mm (thickness)

2507 Stainless Steel Stick Spot Specification: 3.0mm-500mm (diameter)

2507 Stainless Steel wire Spot Specification: 0.1mm-20mm (wire diameter)

2507 Chemical composition of stainless steel:

C ≤ 0.03, SI ≤ 0.80, Mn ≤ 1.2, CR: 24-26, Ni: 6-8, S ≤ 0.02, P ≤ 0.035, MO: 3-5, N: 0.24-0.32

After 2507 stainless steel seamless pipes After suitable for solid solution, the micro -tissue of this steel has the ideal ratio of α/gamma ratio of about 50/50. When the solid -soluble temperature is above 1050 ° C, the number of ferrite phase in the steel will increase with the increase in temperature. However, due to the high nitrogen content, the ratio of just below 1300 ° C will not change significantly. If this steel does not take different temperature time efficiency (or heated), it will have γ2 and Δ, χ, R, α` metal phase and CR2N, such as α+γ matrix, and other oxides such as the metal phase and CR2N. Low (generally 0.01%-0.02%), so no carbides in steel are generally existed.

2507 Stainless Steel seamless tube product mechanical performance:

1. The room temperature mechanics performance of 2507 stainless steel and seamless tube:

Steel variety: wall thickness ≤20mm; Δb/mpa: 800-1000, Δ0.2/mpa: ≥550, Δ5/%: ≥25, hardness (HV): 290: 290

2. The mechanical performance of 2507 double-phase stainless steel plate at room temperature-200 ° C:

Steel variety temperature/℃ Δb/mpa

Room temperature ≥530

Board 100 ≥ 450

200 ≥ 400

Third, 2507 mechanical properties of large -diameter seamless pipes

Outer diameter × wall thickness Δb/mpa Δ0.2/mpa Δ5/% hardness (HV)

273.0mm × 4.19mm 894 644 40 284

323.9mm × 4.57mm 858 662 45 270

406.4mm × 4.74mm 854 657 41 272

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